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STEP 1: Email/message your warm contacts, Send out messages to all your contacts…


Send out messages:


Subject: This is Simply the BEST Automated free system I’ve ever seen!
Subject: The Relaunch of the Viral Team Builder is celebrating over 10,000+ members in just 12 months!
Subject: Just Re-Launched! The Viral Team Builder needs better testers…
Subject: Re-launched Done for you System Looking for better testers to lock-in a free position…
Subject: ONE Click set and forget System. Edward Makes it EASY!
Subject: Free automated Marketing Funnel system on a whole new level!
Subject: Did you know The Viral Team builder is live right now?
Subject: The Viral Team Builder is the Easiest marketing system…
Subject: The Viral Team Builder System will save you Hundreds a Year!
Subject: it’s addictive I’ve been using it just 1 week to bring in leads after leads!
Subject: WARNING .. highly addictive!




Hi have recently come across a brand-new system that can build and grow your business

on auto-pilot!

This system was specifically designed to help you make more money, 

without the hassle of knowing how to set up everything that

goes into a well oiled machine.  

Too many times, people will quit before they even get set up 

just because it can get so complicated.

That’s why we built this system, 

that is called The Viral Team Builder System

we don’t want you to have to worry about building lead capture pages, 

landing pages, banners, hosting, writing autoresponders, training, 

getting solid traffic sources, or anything like that.


We want you to enjoy your life, because let’s face it,

that’s why you started in this industry to begin with,

You want to be free right?, and I want that for you as well :).

I strongly urge you to give this just 10 minutes of your time because it

only take 10 minutes to setup 🙂 and you’re done. It’s 100% free so…

Here’s the link, Just click to join and let’s talk soon.


To your success,



Well done! You’ve completed day 2. Get some rest now and let’s get ready for Day 3 tomorrow.


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