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STEP 1: Today we’re going to post to safelists:

20+ referrals in 2 weeks

20+ referrals in 2 weeks. The Viral Team Builder is very easy to bring in signups 

and this method really does work as it has so much value to offer those who are

struggling online to make money and bring in signups. So today I’m teaching you to

use safelists exclusively to get your referrals.

You need to sign up with over 100 safelists because each safelist offers free credits

For new customers.

By doing it this way you will receive all of your advertising for free. I have

Paid for some of the advertising though. I bought mailings through Hurculist

And solo Ad City. But Listed below are just a few of my most responsive mailers.


Free to join Safe-lists that give between 200 – 5000 per solo credits:

Before joining you need to setup
2 throwaway email addresses
Setup and use 2 gmail accounts,
1 contact email address and 1 list address.
And use these email address exclusively
for your Safelist promotions

Ad Troopers Safelist :  http://adtroopers.com/ 

All American Ad Exchange : http://allamericanadexchange.com/

Explosive Safelist Mailer: http://explosivesafelist.com/

European Safelist : http://europeansafelist.com/

Explosive Super Solos : http://explosivesupersolos.com/

Free ads Mailer : http://www.freeadsmailer.com/

Global Safelist : http://globalsafelist.com/

Herculist : http://herculist.com/

Superior Solos : http://superiorsolos.info/

Super Safe Mailer : http://supersafemailer.com/

U.S Largest Safelist : http://uslargestsafelist.com/

World Largest Safelist : http://worldlargestsafelist.com/

Xchange your ads :  http://xchangeyourads.com/

Your Safelist.Net :  http://yoursafelist.net/

The following is what I use:


New Done for you Free System Just Launched…

Ad Body: 

Hi I have recently come across a brand-new system 

that can build and grow your business on auto-pilot!

This system was specifically designed to help you make more money, 

without the hassle of knowing how to set up everything that

goes into a well oiled machine.  

Too many times, people will quit before they even get set up 

just because it can get so complicated.

That’s why we built this system, 

that is called The Viral Team Builder System

we don’t want you to have to worry about building lead capture pages, 

landing pages, banners, hosting, writing autoresponders, training, 

getting solid traffic sources, or anything like that.

We want you to enjoy your life, because let’s face it,

that’s why you started in this industry to begin with,

You want to be free right?, and I want that for you as well :).

I strongly urge you to give this just 10 minutes of your time because it

only take 10 minutes to setup and you’re done. It’s 100% free so…

Here’s the link, Just click to join and let’s talk soon.


To your success,



In closing I would like to mention how important it is to stay in touch

With your personal referrals.  Send them a welcome email and help

Them  however you can.  I send out a mailing about once per week

Encouraging them and helping those who might be struggling to get

Their personal referrals into each program.  One of the best ways to helps those

Who are struggling is to help them promote their URL. They really

Appreciate it and will reward you with their loyalty and will work

Hard to help you build your team.

Also check out my free
recommended traffic sites here:



Well done! You’ve completed day 6. Get some rest now and let’s get ready for Day 7 tomorrow.


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