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DAY 7 – How other members are generating huge success and their powerful strategies:

We have a large growing library of Powerful Mini reports posted by our active members in the Viral Team builder.
So many of These members are getting daily leads and signups:

Very Popular report here:

38 Referrals In The Ads Team in ONLY 2 DAYS! By Babula Mund. – by Babula Mund – Added 11/4/2017

NEXT: I want you to review everything you’ve done over the last 7 days.

Everyday you really need to Stay active, keep promoting your link and getting traffic and eye-balls to your Viral Team Builder capture pages. Always think about growing your mailing list and Send out emails to your lists and growing your companies that we have in the Viral team builder.

Keep doing everything you’ve learnt in the last 7 days and don’t stop doing it till you have a huge downline 🙂 !

And as soon as you bring in signups it is Very important that you keep in regular contact with your team!

Send ALL of your signups through this 7 day success plan and the fast start guide! 

Remember you’re a leader now and even if you don’t have any signups of your own yet you must start thinking like a leader.

Make sure ALL your signups come through this 7 DAY training! It’s very important that you keep promoting this 7 day training to your team. Don’t just think that IF you earn a signup then there is nothing left to do. Email your team every week or preferably multiple times a week.

Well done you’ve completed the fast start daily 7 day success plan but the point is you have to keep doing it! Go back to the first day and rotate through it over and over again. Keep marketing your links daily and after 30 ~90 days you’ll have signups. If not KEEP DOING IT 🙂 


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