Here are the reports written by our members showing you exactly what they are doing to build their list of leads and signups.

You’re welcomed to follow their way step by step and use the methods, recommendations and tools they are using.

These are real people that were once newbies. They’re out their IN THE TRENCHES! Doing what it takes to grow and build their businesses.

Remember, if they can refer people successfully using these promotion tools, there’s no way that you cannot do it using exactly the same method !

Follow their strategies.

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Report # 27 New: How to add animation to your ads to make them POP! – By Edward Keyte – Added 21/5/2017
Report # 26 New: $30 Solo ad get’s me paid sign ups! – By Edward Keyte – Added 20/5/2017
Report # 25 New: How I generate ongoing steady sign ups to my businesses every month! – By Edward Keyte – Added 19/5/2017
Report # 24 New: Premium Traffic – Solo Ads – By Kjell Karlsson – Added 16/5/2017
Report # 23 New: Images ads to help you market your businesses – By Chuck and Edward – Added 7/5/2017
Report # 22 New: Learn How Chuck Posts To Multiple Facebook Groups in under 30 seconds or less per group – By Chuck Gordner – Added 7/5/2017
Report # 21 New: My Top Most Recommended Traffic and Lead Generation sites – By edkeyte – Added 7/5/2017
Report # 20 New: How I got over 90 signups into the VTB and got on the leaderboard using FaceBook – By Jason Stewart – Added 29/4/2017
Report # 19 New: How I Got 97 Optins & 40 Referrals for $6. – By Nasarat Hussain – Added 27/4/2017
Report # 18 New: 6 sign-ups in 1 day using a 100% free method – By Babula Mund – Added 25/4/2017
Report # 17 New: LeadsLeap Review. Generate leads and traffic using LeadsLeap – By Phil Kent – Added 22/4/2017
Report # 16 New: How to convert leads and free members into Paid members! – by Edward Keyte – Added 22/4/2017
Report # 15 New: Powerful system to generate 9~16% Opt-In rate… 300 Leads generated! – by Edward McKinney – Added 20/4/2017
Report # 14 New: How to generate 50% optins Plus Signups from MLM Gateway Business announcements! – by Mike Williams – Added 18/4/2017
Report # 13 New: 38 Referrals In The Ads Team in ONLY 2 DAYS! By Babula Mund. – by Babula Mund – Added 11/4/2017
Report # 12: Text ads that have given me great conversion – by Edward Keyte – Added 9/4/2017
Report # 11: Bob Kennedy’s Exact formula he’s using to get signups daily – by Bob Kennedy – Added 24/3/2017
Report # 10: Leonard Benn’s powerful recommendation he’s using to get signups daily – by Leonard Benn – Added 24/3/2017
Report # 9: Download a Huge list of Solo ad venders to submit your ads to – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016
Report # 8: Download 50 Pre-Written Text ads (These ads are not related for promoting VTB) – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016
Report # 7: REMOVED
Report # 6: REMOVED
Report # 5: Free Viral Traffic Generation – Fully ReBrandable report – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016
Report # 4: My Top paid traffic recommendations – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016
Report # 3: Get Sign-ups from Free Traffic services – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016
Report # 2:GETTING STARTED GUIDE FOR VTB – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016
Report # 1:YOUR VTB 7 – DAY – SUCCESS GUIDE! – by Edward Keyte – Added 19/11/2016


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  • Try to avoid using methods about companies that have already been added unless you feel an update or the old report missed an important strategy.
  • Please try to track your methods as much as possible using the built in VTB tracking tool.
  • Please make it as simple to follow as possible so that anyone at any level can follow your methods.
  • Provide any good suggested content and wording etc, titles you used in your ad if applicable.
  • If applicable, Tell us the number of leads, sign ups and if any paid members etc (If you can).

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