Bob Kennedy’s Exact formula he’s using to get signups daily

Hello Viral Team Builder members! Just like to give a huge shout out to Bob Kennedy, he is a Monster Marketing Machine!! WOW!! You should all listen to Bob and take immediate action on his recommendations below!!

Bob Kennedy joined the VTB in Jan 2017 and as of publishing this report he is at the Top of the Viral team builder Leader board for both February and March and at this rate, I’m sure he will continue to do so…



Here’s Bob’s strategy for getting daily sign ups:

“Hi from South Florida to all the viral team builder members. I want to take a second to than Edward for putting this together. But more importantly for being there for all the members. It’s easy to see that Ed’s a genuine guy and willing to help everyone, that’s why he is successful!
I have been having a lot of success with this great system, and here is how I am doing it. This is the exact formula I am using to get signups daily. Sometimes many signups. I made a video that shows how I am converting the rev share traffic. If you find any value in it please give it a thumbs up….

I also use the following free traffic exchanges.

These are free to use, and I do get signups from them. Consistency is the key with these programs but they do work.
I also post on my timeline every time I get a signup. People on Facebook are watching believe it or not. Some will wait to see you post 2 or 3 times before asking for information. Others will wait until you post 100 signups.
This is my profile, you can actually scroll down it and follow my progress. Send me a friend request if you want to connect, or if you have any questions.

I’m committed to the viral team builder for a couple of reasons. Everything you need to be successful is included and it’s all free. But most importantly, you can sign someone up, and you know that they can easily duplicate what you’re doing. The easy duplication is the most important thing to me.”